Affiliate Marketing Store - Steps to Quick Start

Marketing Mar 20, 2024

With the advent of the Internet, generating income online has become easier than ever. Warren Buffett once said, “If you cannot find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”. But what if there is a way to make money anytime and from any location? This is the concept of affiliate marketing. Valued at $17 billion in 2022, affiliate marketing is a process where a publisher earns a commission for promoting a merchant’s or retailer’s goods or services on his platform — an affiliate store.

You have surely heard of affiliate marketing because according to Forbes, this category constitutes more than 15% of e-commerce sales. Though the idea is straightforward, an affiliate online store or program is far from a get-rich-quick scheme. Earning a significant passive income requires consistent effort, patience, and a thoughtful strategy. This article will walk you through the basics of how to build an affiliate store website, monetize your followers, and get a better understanding of your ideal affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing website template

What is an Affiliate Store?

An affiliate store is an online shop like an e-commerce website, but instead of listing your own products for sale, you list other retailers’ products and redirect visitors to their websites using your affiliate links. The creation of an online product requires time, investment in its development, and testing in the market to see how consumers respond. Instead, you can try selling somebody else’s product without worrying about inventory handling and customer service. In an e-commerce store, there is more upfront investment needed to build, launch, and keep product inventory. While in an affiliate store, you spend next to nothing, as affiliate programs are free to join and allow you to increase product offerings and revenue.

affiliate marketing website builder

What Are Affiliate Programs?

Before you launch your online store, you have to understand the concept of an affiliate program. It is a business agreement in which a brand rewards an individual or organization with a commission for sending traffic and/or sales through web content, social media feeds, or product integrations. They are also sometimes referred to as associate programs. The arrangement works when an individual, such as an influencer, creator, or website owner, signs up with a brand on an affiliate platform. Then both parties explore ways to collaborate and come to a compensation arrangement.

How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

To further understand how affiliate programs work, let us use an example. A New York Times company named – is a website that lists product recommendations to its audiences. It largely earns commission based on many affiliate relationships it has with big brand retailers. The publication’s monetization model may make you doubt the legitimacy of its recommendations, but the reality is quite the opposite. The website only makes money when a reader or shopper purchases a product from their affiliate retailer and does not return the product. Wirecutter makes sure to promote only reliable and good quality products, as it would make very little money if it promoted inferior quality goods.

How Do Affiliates Make Money?

Affiliate programs can have many different structured commission plans. However, most of them involve a company providing their affiliate partners with a unique link that is to be shared with their customers or audiences. Using this link the user’s clicks can be tracked with the help of cookies. The cookies then monitor the client’s movements to see if they make a purchase from the retailer within an allotted time. Each cookie has a life or length which defines how long the cookies will track the customer’s online activity. For example, if a cookie has a 30-day life, your referral needs to be purchased within 30 days of clicking your unique link for you to get paid. There are three common commission structures for affiliate programs:

  • Purchase-Based Commission Structures – Where the affiliate partner gets paid when someone uses their link to purchase on the retailer’s website.
  • Traffic-Based Commission Structures – In this, the affiliate partner gets a commission based on the number of people they refer to the organization’s website. This commission is paid regardless of whether those visitors make a purchase or perform some action.
  • Customer Acquisition-Based Commission Structures – Here the affiliate partner gets paid when their promotion helps the merchant close a new deal or sign a new customer on their platform.

Types of Affiliate Programs

If you are searching for ways to promote your products or services through affiliate programs, it is important to understand your buyer’s persona and the avenues on which they spend most of their online time. Knowing this information can help you focus your marketing efforts on specific affiliate programs to have maximum impact on your potential clients. For instance, you should be able to answer these questions about your audience:

  • Do your potential customers read blog posts, scroll Facebook, or Instagram, or use search engines when they are researching new products?
  • Is your target audience looking for a good deal or discount on a coupon website?
  • Are they interested in doing extensive review research before purchasing a product?
    After brainstorming and getting your buyer persona, you can explore and choose which type of affiliate program best suits your business needs.

Search Engine Affiliates

In this program, marketers use their own finances to promote affiliate offers on SERP or other online advertising platforms like Facebook Advertising. This is a great option for online marketers with an SEO background who want to A/B test to see which advertisements result in the most referrals and ROI.

Influencer Programs

If you are a social media influencer or blogger who is constantly engaging with a specific target audience, we suggest partnering with a company whose products are in line with your content. For example, say you are a food blogger or YouTube influencer who creates recipes online, then partnering with a retailer that sells kitchen appliances by featuring their product in your content would be a good idea. You can use an influencer affiliate program to earn a commission for every product that gets sold via your unique link and gain additional revenue if your audiences like the products you are promoting.

Review Websites

Today’s customers are smart and well-informed and hence do not blindly buy products online. Consumers often go to review websites during their buyer’s journey so they can conduct extensive research before making a purchase. Review websites can partner with individual retailers or affiliate networks to review products and services in exchange for an affiliate link to earn extra commission from their posts.

Coupon Websites

Similar to review platforms, there are coupon websites that partner with different companies to offer their audiences deals or discounts on products and services in exchange for a small commission.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great program to promote goods and services to potential customers. But this strategy works best when done in small doses as bulk emails to an audience are not very effective. However, with proper planning and consideration for who is receiving the email, this could be a great program. For example, if you work for a marketing agency, you could partner with a retailer that sells design tools and includes an affiliate link within the emails you send to your design clients. This will help your clients create good-quality content while also providing you with an added source of revenue.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks program is best used when you are offering products from more than just one company. They act as a marketplace and provide a larger pool of brands and deals for your consumers to choose from. This option may appeal to new and beginner affiliate marketers because you do not have to manage as many partnerships simultaneously. And since there is no limit on how many affiliate networks you can join, the possibilities are endless.

The 32 Best Affiliate Programs in 2024

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program landing page

Amazon is one of the largest online markets that sells just about everything. In 1996 the Amazon Associates program was started to help online marketers make money by advertising to the millions of customers that shop on it each year. It is one of the top affiliate programs for beginners and was the first online marketing program in the world. Its associate's program, also called Amazon Affiliates, opens the doors to millions of products you can share with your audiences.
The biggest advantage of affiliate marketing with Amazon is that people already know the brand name and love to shop on their platform. The company has very high conversion rates, especially around the holiday season and thanks to its vast product selection, it fits almost all kinds of businesses. Also if your customer ends up on Amazon through your affiliate link and buys something other than what your content promoted, you still get paid a commission on the user's entire cart.

  • Best for – E-commerce businesses
  • Commission rate – 1 to 20%, depending on the product categories.
  • Cookie life – 24 hours
  • Payment cycle – Monthly, but payment is received for the current month about 60 days after the month ends.
  • Payout method – Direct deposit, check, or Amazon gift certificate
AvantLink Affiliate Program landing page

Founded in 2005, it operates three independent networks in the US(Global Network), Canada, and Australia. AvantLink provides a detailed reporting system that gives unmatched insights into every element of activity within its advertiser's program. For their publishers, they deliver easy-to-use innovative tools to help users understand and reach their specific target audiences. Their affiliate program is one of the easiest to sign up for and get started with.

  • Best for – Advertisers and Publishers.
  • Commission rate – 25-50%, depending on the product categories.
  • Cookie life – 30 days
  • Payment cycle – Monthly, the payment can be withdrawn on the 25th of each month.
  • Payout method – Direct deposit.

3. Awin

Awin Affiliate Program landing page

Awin is a great affiliate program for beginners with a well-known network that provides access to more than 25,000 advertisers’ marketing programs, including established brands like Under Armour and Samsung. With its advertisers directory, users can search for any program they want to join and get in touch directly with the brand. You do not need a website to join Awin, it accepts affiliates using all social media channels, like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. To join their affiliate program, all customers must go through a compliance team that verifies their details and also takes a $5 deposit to join their network, which is reimbursed once you reach your first payment threshold.

  • Best for – Marketers.
  • Commission rate – Varies based on rates decided by individual brands.
  • Cookie life – 30 days, but varies by the brand
  • Payment cycle – On the 1st and 15th of the month for the previous month’s commissions with a minimum earning of at least $20 to cash out.
  • Payout method – BACS (bank transfer), international wire transfer, or ACH.

4. AWeber

AWeber Affiliate Program landing page

AWeber is an email marketing platform providing users with everything they need to grow an email list, engage their audience, and increase conversion. It offers a subscription package priced by the number of subscribers you have. For instance, if you have 500 users, the subscription is free. AWeber also offers a tiered affiliate program with an annual subscription for up to $899 per month with unlimited users. This program is one of the most lucrative in the market and affiliates of AWeber can earn substantial income through its different channels. It is an excellent tool for newsletter and email drip campaigns.

  • Best for – Marketers, Bloggers, Publishers, and Content creators.
  • Commission rate – up to 50% recurring referral payments.
  • Cookie life – 365 days
  • Payment cycle – Monthly, about 15 days after the commission period with a minimum earning requirement of $30 commission amount.
  • Payout method – PayPal.

5. AffiliaXe

AffiliaXe Affiliate Program landing page

AffiliaXe connects affiliate marketers with global brands spread across various countries and niches, including home improvement, fashion, and electronics sectors. among many others. What sets AffiliateXe apart is that the network provides an account manager to each affiliate, who helps them optimize links, find suitable programs, and maximize their earnings. Besides this, they also offer a referral program where users can earn an extra 4% commission for the first six months on any affiliates they refer to the network. Users of AffiliaXe can earn through pay-per-view, pay-per-click, social media, and email feeds.

  • Best for – Marketers and Publishers.
  • Commission rate – This varies as each seller decides their rates.
  • Cookie life – 30 days, 60 days, or varies by the offer.
  • Payment cycle – Bi-weekly, either on the 15th or at the end of each month. A minimum of $100 to qualify for a payout.
  • Payout method – Wire transfers, ACH, checks, debit cards, Payoneer, or PayPal.

6. Bluehost

Bluehost Affiliate Program landing page

Bluehost is a web hosting platform that supports more than 2 million websites and offers a phenomenal affiliate program for any business or individual looking to monetize their blog or website. It is an affordable free-to-join program known for making it easy for beginners to start their affiliate journey. It offers a reliable tracking system to ensure you get credit for each lead you provide them and also provides you with affiliate managers who can offer support or personalized advice.

  • Best for – Content Creators, Bloggers, and Marketers.
  • Commission rate – $65 for every visitor who clicks through links and signs up.
  • Cookie life – 90 days.
  • Payment cycle – Payments are processed within about 45 to 70 days.
  • Payout method – PayPal or electronic bank transfer.

7. Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits Affiliate Program landing page

Capitalist Exploits is a company that focuses on unique investment strategies and teaches its clients trading techniques. It provides trade recommendations for investors and anyone looking to outperform the market. If your target audience consists of investors, high net-worth individuals, people interested in investment, financial advisors, or wealth managers, then this is the best affiliate program for you. Their products range from $1,575 to $3,499, which means each referral brings you a minimum of $787.50. Affiliates also receive exclusive access to paid membership trials for their audience. The company is led by Chris Macintosh – an analyst turned investor – and his team of professional investors.

  • Best for – Marketers and Professionals.
  • Commission rate – 50% of each referred sale.
  • Cookie life – 365 days.
  • Payment cycle – Payments are issued on day 30 of each month after refund periods for products have been cleared.
  • Payout method – PayPal with a minimum of $100 in commissions.

8. ClickBank

ClickBank Affiliate Program landing page

Started from a garage in 1998, ClickBank is one of the oldest affiliate networks in the industry. It currently boasts a large number of affiliates worldwide and has paid out over $6 billion in commissions across more than two decades. Its affiliate information is open to anyone, making it a valuable platform to consider for your success. It has an easy process to create an account and does not require a long verification process to generate affiliate links.
ClickBank’s affiliate program has a vast selection of categories to choose from, including business, investing, arts, entertainment, travel, sports, green products, home appliances, and digital products.

  • Best for – Everyone.
  • Commission rate – varies between 50% and 70%, on average.
  • Cookie life – 60 days
  • Payment cycle – Weekly or bi-weekly. The payment threshold is $100.
  • Payout method – Check, direct deposit, wire transfer, or Payoneer.

9. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program landing page

ClickFunnels is a one-stop shop service that helps businesses and marketers sell their products and services. It is a landing page builder designed to help automate the sales process. ClickFunnels affiliate program splits its users into three tiers:
1. Tier 1: All ClickFunnels affiliates start here. They can earn a variety of commissions on products like books, challenges, and summits, with earnings ranging from $1 per sale to 40% on upsells.
2. Tier 2: Affiliate applicants in this category are required to sell $1,000 in any 30-day rolling period. This tier helps unlock more products for selling, and earnings range between 30% and 40% commission rates.
3. Tier 3: This tier consists of approved affiliates only who can earn a 40% commission.
To move into higher affiliate tiers, you must provide either a certain number of referrals or a minimum sale amount per month.

  • Best for – Marketers.
  • Commission rate – is split into tiers and varies depending on products sold.
  • Cookie life – 45 days
  • Payment cycle – Payments are sent out on the 1st and the 15th of every month through Tipalti.
  • Payout method – ACH, direct deposit, PayPal, check, international ACH (e-check), or wire transfers, only after registering to Tipalti.

10. Commission Junction

CJ Affiliate Program landing page

CJ Affiliate, formerly Commission Junction, is one of the larger affiliate marketing companies, accounting for 7.17% of the market share. It is partnered with big brand names like Priceline, J.Crew, Overstock, and Barnes & Noble, and consolidates their affiliate marketing programs under one banner. CJ also pays over $1.8 billion in affiliate commissions annually. It offers many advanced features, such as advertising and content monetization, omnichannel tracking, and an interaction onboarding experience to join programs and make sales with a single click, as well as a special Content Certification program to make it easier to connect with brands.

  • Best for – Marketers.
  • Commission rate – Varies based on the commission set by sellers(or advertisers), approximately 20-30%.
  • Cookie life – Depends on the merchant.
  • Payment cycle – Two monthly payouts - the first on the 20th and the second on the 28th of each month.
  • Payout method – Direct deposit or Payoneer.

11. ConvertKit

ConvertKit Affiliate Program landing page

ConvertKit is a newcomer in the email marketing field with an affiliate program for content creators marketing to other creators. It helps its customers grow their client base via landing web pages, forms, and email drip campaigns. Its email marketing tools make it easy for users to plan, send, and manage their email campaigns. The highlight of ConvertKit is that its affiliate program offers a lifelong 30% commission for every referred customer or webinar subscriber, as long as they remain active. It has a huge income potential and costs absolutely nothing to join the program.

  • Best for – Writers, Bloggers, and Content creators.
  • Commission rate – 30% monthly recurring commission for 24 months or an optional $75 upfront model.
  • Cookie life – 30 and 90 days
  • Payment cycle – Monthly, with a minimum 30-day delay before commission approvals.
  • Payout method – PayPal.

12. Constant Contact

Constant Contact Affiliate Program landing page

Constant Contact is an email marketing tool that helps generate leads and internet traffic. Its users can create Instagram and Facebook Ads, automate their email marketing campaigns, target new e-commerce customers, and send follow-up emails to increase revenue in their online stores. Constant Contact also provides promotional materials, a tracking dashboard, and personalized support to help its affiliates succeed with their program.

  • Best for – Small businesses, Bloggers, and Entrepreneurs.
  • Commission rate – $5 for each referral that signs up for a free trial, and $105 when your referrals pay for a new account.
  • Cookie life – 120 days
  • Payment cycle – Paid every month, but may take up to 90 days for you to receive your payout.
  • Payout method – PayPal, electronic fund transfer, check, or direct deposit.

13. eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network landing page

Founded in 1995, eBay was one of the first marketplaces that matched buyers and sellers on the web. Today it is a huge name globally and also includes affiliate marketing partnerships on its platform. Unlike other affiliate programs, you do not work with sellers, but with the eBay Partner Network, users work directly with the company and its products. Similar to Amazon, affiliates work with a trusted organization to which many people want to sell products. The biggest bonus of working with the eBay Partner Network program is that you do not need to work exclusively with only eBay, you can also be an eBay affiliate and earn additional income working with other merchants. As an affiliate program, eBay appeals to almost every demographic

  • Best for – E-commerce businesses.
  • Commission rate – 1 to 4%, depending on the product category.
  • Cookie life – 24 hours
  • Payment cycle – Monthly, with a $10 (or country’s currency equivalent) minimum account balance.
  • Payout method – PayPal or direct deposit.

14. Elementor

Elementor Affiliate Program landing page

Elementor is a dynamic website builder used to create more than 7% of all the world's websites. It offers hundreds of widgets, integrations, website templates, and design tools that can be used for customization and scaling of your platform. Elementor also offers cloud hosting features and a community space where web creators share advice, host meetups, and push each other toward mutual professional growth. They provide an array of pricing tiers making it easier for affiliates to market different plans to specific audiences strategically.

  • Best for – Bloggers, Publishers, Marketers, and content creators.
  • Commission rate – Up to 50% commission per sale.
  • Cookie life – 45 and 90 days.
  • Payment cycle – Payout is at the $200 threshold and is processed within 30 days.
  • Payout method – PayPal or any other preferred method agreed upon by Elementor.

15. FlexOffers

FlexOffers Affiliate Program landing page

FlexOffers is an affiliate marketing veteran that offers a wide range of content tools and an easy-to-use dashboard. It is an affiliate platform that connects users with more than 12,000 brands, including big names like MAC Cosmetics, TJ Maxx, Macy’s, Nike, Microsoft, and Nintendo. FlexOffers best feature is their FlexRev-$hare program, where affiliates earn extra when their referred sub-affiliates generate sales, which provides an extra boost to their regular commissions. It also integrates with other affiliate networks like ShareASale, Rakuten Advertising, and Clickbank, making it a great option for people who want to get unique links from a range of brands in one dashboard.

  • Best for – All niches.
  • Commission rate – varies depending on merchants and publishers.
  • Cookie life – depends on merchants.
  • Payment cycle – a net-60 payout schedule that pays at the end of the month, meaning payment is received 60 days after the month a customer is referred.
  • Payout method – Bank transfer, check, wire transfer, or PayPal.

16. Fiverr

Fiverr Affiliate Program landing page

Fiverr is a networking platform that connects businesses with freelancers across a wide range of services. Customers pay in advance and outline their project needs, while freelancers bid for the jobs that the company has listed. Fiverr’s affiliate program provides diverse commission structures depending on the services you want to promote. The popular program, with over 5.5 million users, offers its affiliates a dashboard to manage and monitor their campaigns and creative assets to help them promote their services. Their commission options include receiving a flat rate with every acquisition, a percentage share of the order, or a hybrid approach where you get a fixed CPA (cost per acquisition) for the first-time purchase of a course or subscription, and then get a revenue share of the subscription referred.

  • Best for – Content creators and Freelancers.
  • Commission rate – Varies based on purchased product and plan type. It does offer commissions from $15 to $150 on online courses and subscription plans.
  • Cookie life – 30 days.
  • Payment cycle – Monthly, or net-30 for accounts having earned at least $100.
  • Payout method – PayPal or Payoneer for payouts under $1,000, and wire transfers for payouts over $1,000.

17. GiddyUp

GiddyUp Affiliate Program landing page

GiddyUp is an affiliate marketplace that partners with brands internationally and helps users
grow their traffic and earn commissions on a global scale. Their affiliate program includes more than 150 direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands across different areas like health and wellness, travel, electronics, and much more. It is an ideal platform for beginners as it offers an affiliate manager and helpful tools to assist consumers with different aspects of its program. GiddyUp also provides a creative library to help affiliates with their digital marketing campaigns, robust tracking, and real-time data, so they can analyze their performance month over month and track their conversions. This company has earned its affiliate partners over $1 billion in sales across more than 30 countries and has paid out more than $375 million in commissions to date.

  • Best for – Marketers and Publishers.
  • Commission rate – Varies based on referral types.
  • Cookie life – 60 days.
  • Payment cycle – Bi-weekly on the 1st and 15th of each month with a minimum earning of at least $25.
  • Payout method – ACH, foreign bank transfers, or checks.

18. HubSpot

HubSpot Affiliate Program landing page

HubSpot is a comprehensive CRM platform that comprises Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub. It helps connect your marketing, sales, content management, and customer service needs in one place. Once you are part of HubSpot's affiliate program, you gain access to an extensive creative library with over 400 promotional assets, including a copy bank, demo videos, and banners, all of which are designed to help you earn the maximum commission. Registering and participating as a HubSpot affiliate is completely free, and anyone can apply to join, regardless if they are a beginner looking for free programs or a well-experienced affiliate marketer.

  • Best for – Marketers and Content creators.
  • Commission rate – 30% recurring for 1 year.
  • Cookie life – 180 days.
  • Payment cycle – Payouts can be made when the account reaches a minimum balance of $10 or one sign-up.
  • Payout method – Direct deposit or PayPal.

19. Impact Radius

Impact Radius Affiliate Program landing page

Impact Radius is a third-party digital marketing platform that hosts the Crazy Domains Affiliate Program. It is where affiliates access all promotional assets, tracking links, performance reports, commission rates, and payout updates. Launched in 2008, it is a trusted platform utilized by top brands worldwide, including Airbnb, Adidas, Canva, and Lenovo. Impact Radius has helped content creators, digital entrepreneurs, and influencers monetize their content, such as websites, blogs, videos, and other online channels. There is a total traffic of 1.6 million on Impact’s program and the majority of it comes from the United States and India. The best feature of Impact is that it will continually recommend brand partners based on your specified niche, which in turn makes it easy to find new affiliate programs.

  • Best for – Influencers, Entrepreneurs, and Content creators.
  • Commission rate – 50% revenue share of up to $2500.
  • Cookie life – 60 days.
  • Payment cycle – Payouts are made within 30 days, usually on the 16th of each month.
  • Payout method – Direct bank transfer or PayPal.

20. Leadpages

Leadpages Affiliate Program landing page

Leadpages is a popular website builder that helps small businesses create landing and sales web pages to collect contact information and boost their conversion rates. It also provides an industry-leading free affiliate program with up to 50% recurring commissions for every sale generated, including plan renewals, updates, and one-time purchases. The program is open to everyone, whether or not you use Leadpages. It also supports its affiliates with promotional assets, tutorials, and training materials, to increase their sales and earn higher commission rates.

  • Best for – E-commerce businesses.
  • Commission rate – Varies from 10% to 50%.
  • Cookie life – 90 days.
  • Payment cycle – Commission payouts are on the 13th of each month for the previous month with a minimum amount of $50.
  • Payout method – PayPal or Stripe.

21. Liquid Web

 Liquid Web Affiliate Program landing page

Liquid Web is a premium web hosting and cloud management service provider that is great for people whose businesses are based on web traffic. They offer a range of dedicated servers, WordPress server plans, and virtual private servers(VPS) for 45000 customers across 150 countries. Liquid Web affiliates program is one of the highest paying systems in the market with an earning of 150% of the monthly hosting cost with a $150 minimum commission on any referral. Affiliates of Liquid Web also have access to a dedicated support team, custom landing web pages, and advanced exclusive promotions. If your target audience is made up of designers and developers, then this affiliate partner is perfect for you.

  • Best for – E-commerce businesses.
  • Commission rate – $150 per sale or 150% of managed hosting cost.
  • Cookie life – 90 days.
  • Payment cycle – Payout is on the 15th of the month, following 60 days.
  • Payout method – Electronic check (ACH) or EFT.

22. NordVPN

NordVPN Affiliate Program landing page

As you guessed from its name, NordVPN is a service that offers secure and private internet access. It helps to protect your online data on public Wi-Fi with an encrypted connection. You can access personal information and work files while keeping your online identity private when using NordVPN. Its affiliate marketing program is one of the high-paying systems in the market advertising a sign-up commission rate of 40% to 100%.

  • Best for – Marketers.
  • Commission rate – Either a 40% or 100% commission for new sign-ups and a 30% commission on all renewals. Varies depending on which subscription plan you purchase.
  • Cookie life – 30 days.
  • Payment cycle – $10 payout threshold. Payout periods will be based on which network you use between CJ Affiliate and Impact.
  • Payout method – PayPal or wire transfer.

23. PartnerStack

Partnerstack Affiliate Program

Partnerstack is an affiliate marketing company that helps SaaS companies find affiliates. It is the go-to network for B2B technology partnerships and operates very similarly to B2C affiliate marketing, except the commissions are higher. PartnerStack reportedly pays out $45 million in commissions each year. Through its in-app dashboard, you can easily monitor your performance across all of the affiliate programs you are currently part of. It also provides built-in partner engagement features like challenges, in-app messaging, learning materials, etc. which allow for more connectivity and engagement with the program managers. If your target audience consists of software engineers, marketers, and e-commerce businesses, then PartnerStack Network is a great program for you. It helps you get in touch with brands like Gorgias, Webflow, Sendoso, and Omnisend.

  • Best forE-commerce brands, Agencies, and Marketers.
  • Commission rateVaries depending on the merchant. An average of 25%.
  • Cookie life90 days. Can vary based on different merchants.
  • Payment cycle –  $10 payout threshold. Payout periods will be based on which network you use between CJ Affiliate and Impact.
  • Payout methodStripe, PayPal, or direct deposit

24. Rakuten Affiliate

Rakuten Affiliate Program

Formerly known as Linkshare, Rakuten is one of the oldest affiliate networks in the market. Having been a trusted name in affiliate marketing, it has been able to establish partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the world including Sephora, New Balance, and JetBlue. This program has the third-largest market share of affiliate networks, at 7.25%. Their affiliate publisher program is connected to more than 2500 different retail brands. Rakuten’s application process is simple: you just find the item and merchant that suits you best, and then click on the Apply button to proceed. Most of the companies in their roster are heavily involved in the affiliate screening process, so there is a possibility of your application being rejected if they do not find you a good fit.

  • Best for – E-commerce businesses, creators, and influencers.
  • Commission rate – Varies based on the partner merchant’s commission rates.
  • Cookie life – varies by advertiser.
  • Payment cycle – Pays out 90 days after it has been paid by the merchants. There must also be a minimum earning of $50 in commissions to receive payments.
  • Payout method – Direct deposit, check, or PayPal.

25. Refersion Marketplace

Refersion Marketplace Affiliate Program

Having launched in 2014, Refersion Marketplace is one of the newest affiliate marketing platforms in the market. It offers affiliate marketing software to help brands manage affiliates, provide marketing materials, and track payouts. Its dashboard is super simplistic and easy to use, making it a great choice for beginners entering the affiliate field. Refersion Marketplace is one of the most successful affiliate programs with big brand name partners including Amazon, Shopify, and BigCommerce. Once you sign up for its network, you can also connect with niche e-commerce brands like Peppermate, Moon Juice, and Hydragun.

  • Best for – E-commerce.
  • Commission rate – varies based on the product brand.
  • Cookie life – depends on the product brand.
  • Payment cycle – the payment threshold is decided by the merchants.
  • Payout method – PayPal, gift card, or bank transfer via Trolley.

26. ShareASale

ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareASale is a popular affiliate network with over 260 different affiliate programs launched on the platform each month. It has thousands of merchant partners to choose from and offers a variety of commission rates finalized by the publishers. The attractive feature of ShareASale is that it is free to sign up for and has a user-friendly interface that is great for beginners. Its features also include access to nearly 40 consumer categories and real-time commission reporting on its dashboard.

  • Best for – Marketers.
  • Commission rate – Each seller on the platform sets their commission rates.
  • Cookie life – typically 30 days, but varies.
  • Payment cycle – Monthly or semi-monthly with a $20 payment threshold.
  • Payout method – Paper check, direct deposit, and ACH.

27. Shopify

Shopify Affiliate Program

You have probably heard of Shopify as a complete e-commerce platform that allows you to start, grow, and manage an online store. But did you know that it also allows you to work as an affiliate marketer? The Shopify Affiliate Program consists of thousands of global content creators, influencers, course educators, and review sites that help their users launch a successful business by earning competitive referral commissions. The program joining is free and provides an opportunity for experts to monetize their affiliate website traffic. Shopify provides affiliates with several tools to help them succeed. You can have access to a global creative library, lead magnets, a monthly newsletter, and curated email programming that are all designed to support content creation and conversion rates. The Shopify Affiliate Program offers commissions on all of its standard plans.

  • Best forE-commerce businesses
  • Commission rate$150 per full-priced plan referral, varies with the merchant’s location.
  • Cookie life30 days
  • Payment cycleWithdraw any time or opt for biweekly payments after reaching a minimum $10 balance.
  • Payout methodDirect deposit, or PayPal.

28. Semrush

Semrush Affiliate Program

Semrush is a leading SEO tool that enables marketing professionals and online businesses to build, manage, and measure campaigns across all channels to improve their visibility. It helps its users with keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, and rank tracking. As a Semrush partner, you gain access to comprehensive training materials, such as webinars, tutorials, and educational resources, as well as have access to a dedicated support and partner managers team. Their affiliate program is open to publishers, bloggers, social media influencers, YouTube creators, paid search specialists, course creators, and all-in-one marketers. With Semruch, you can monetize your traffic and boost your earnings regardless of your niche.

  • Best forMarketers and Online businesses.
  • Commission rate$200 per subscription and $10 per free trial.
  • Cookie life – 120 days.
  • Payment cycleYou can schedule a specific payout day each month or get paid when reaching a set threshold as defined by the Impact Network.
  • Payout methodElectronic fund transfer or PayPal.

29. Teachable

Teachable Affiliate Program

Teachable is an e-learning platform that helps anyone create and sell online courses. It has over 18 million students and 186 thousand active courses on its website. Ranging from Instagram ads to custom dress-making tips, anyone can use Teachable to get paid to teach an online course in their area of expertise. It is suited for all varieties of niche subjects and its affiliate program pays a recurring 30% commission on the referral’s monthly subscription fee. Their plans can go anywhere from $29 to $499 per month, which means you can earn up to $150 a month per sale. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income has heavily endorsed Teachable.

  • Best forBloggers and Content creators.
  • Commission rateup to 30% on a recurring basis.
  • Cookie life30 and 90 days.
  • Payment cycleDaily, weekly, and monthly payment options are available.
  • Payout methodDirect bank transfer, PayPal, and Stripe.

30. TUNE

TUNE Affiliate Program

TUNE is a powerful SaaS platform that specializes in partner marketing services across both web and mobile platforms. It helps users build, manage, and improve their current partner programs with its strong set of features. TUNE also has an affiliate program with excellent reporting features and an easy-to-use dashboard. Some of the qualities that set it apart from its competitors include customizable dashboards, white labeling, and efficiently saved reports. To apply for TUNE’s affiliate program you will already need to have an online affiliate business. Unlike other platforms, you do not browse TUNE’s affiliate partners to find your best fit. Once you sign up, it will automatically connect you with the best affiliate partners for your specific niche.

  • Best forE-commerce businesses.
  • Commission ratevaries based on merchants.
  • Cookie lifedepends on the merchants.
  • Payment cycleMonthly.
  • Payout methodCredit card, Wire transfer, or ACH.

31. Urikar

Urikar Affiliate Program

Urikar is a company that helps people improve their in-house relaxation time. Its flagship product is the Urikar Pro 1 – a heated massage gun with a flexible percussion massager and a 180-degree rotatable touch-sensitive handle. It is a great product for customers looking to alleviate chronic muscle pain. Urikar’s affiliate program offers a 10% basic commission for all verified sales of its products. It even offers partners a dedicated account manager to support them and help increase their commissions.

  • Best forMarketers, Bloggers, and Content creators.
  • Commission rate10% basic commission for verified sales.
  • Cookie life90 days.
  • Payment cycle –  visit Urikar for information.
  • Payout methodvisit Urikar for information.

32. Wordable

Wordable Affiliate Program

Wordable is an application that helps people import content from their Google Docs to WordPress, Hubspot, and Medium. It allows users to take a document from a teamwork-friendly environment and seamlessly publish it on their preferred platforms. Workable offers an affiliate partnership with a 30% commission on any new sign-ups. This rate continues for the first year of acquiring a new customer, then drops to 15% for all subscription sales. After their free trial, Wordable has many different subscription plans ranging from $50 per month to more than $500 per month.

  • Best forBlog editors and Content managers.
  • Commission rate30% recurring commission for every sign-up for the first year, then 15% commission on recurring sales thereafter.
  • Cookie life30 days.
  • Payment cycle –  Monthly.
  • Payout methodTapfiliate, which supports 20 different payment methods, including ACH and PayPal.

Comparison Table

Affiliate Program Best For Commission Rate Cookie Life Payment Cycle Payout Method
1 Amazon Associates E-commerce businesses 1 to 20% 24 hours Monthly Direct deposit, check, or Amazon certificate
2 AvantLink Advertisers and Publishers 25-50% 30 days Monthly Direct deposit
3 Awin Marketers Varies 30 days On the 1st and 15th of the month BACS, international wire transfer, or ACH
4 ClickBank Everyone varies between 50% and 70%, on average 60 days Weekly or bi-weekly. Check, direct deposit, wire transfer, or Payoneer
5 eBay Partner Network E-commerce businesses 1 to 4%, depending on the product 24 hours Monthly PayPal or direct deposit
6 Fiverr Content creators, Freelancers Varies based on purchased product. 30 days Monthly PayPal or Payoneer
7 HubSpot Marketers and Content creators 30% recurring for 1 year 180 days When the account reaches a minimum balance of $10 or one sign-up Direct deposit or PayPal
9 PartnerStack E-commerce brands, Agencies, Marketers Varies depending on the merchant. 90 days $10 payout threshold. Stripe, PayPal, or direct deposit.
10 Semrush Marketers, Online businesses $200 per subscription and $10 per free trial. 120 days Each month Electronic fund transfer or PayPal

How to Choose the Best Program as an Affiliate Marketer?

As you have seen not all affiliate marketing programs are created equal. If you are a beginner and wondering which program to select, then we would recommend starting through a network like Shopify or ShareASale. This will help you generate income by partnering with several brands that match your content and personal brand. These affiliate networks will make it easier for you to diversify the income of your online business.

As you slowly gain experience, you can reach out to individual brands directly and become their affiliate partner. Ultimately when deciding which program to choose, there are many key elements to keep in mind, including:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are your website traffic interests and persona?
  • How established is your online following?
  • How much do you want to earn?

Once you get these questions answered, explore the commission rate, cookie life, payment cycle, and payment method of the affiliate program, so you can find the ideal platform that gives you the best ROI. Advanced affiliate marketers can seek out the highest-paying affiliate programs to earn high commissions on each sale. If you follow these simple rules, you will be well on your way to exponentially multiplying your affiliate income in no time.

Steps to Create an Affiliate Store

Steps to Create an Affiliate Store
A schematic picture of the steps you need to take to create an affiliate online store.

1. Defining a Niche

A niche is a highly specialized market. It can be divided into categories such as macro-niche, sub-niche, and micro-niche. Since affiliate marketing is competitive, selecting the right niche carries a lot of weight. The adequate choice helps to cultivate a loyal customer base, reduces competition from market leaders, and builds a long-term source of income if managed well.

For example, healthcare is a macro niche comprising fitness, skincare, weight loss, hair care, etc., as sub-niches in its segment. And if you select “organic soap for women under 40 years”, this becomes a micro niche of target customers to whom you are catering.

Benefits of a Micro-Niche

Now that you have a firm grasp of what a niche is, let us understand the benefits of defining and categorizing it. When you narrow down your niche, it reduces your competition in the segment, and you get a well-defined target audience. It eases your strategy and content planning, you achieve better SEO (search engine optimization) content plan, authenticity, and trustworthiness for your brand. The selection of the best niche comes down to what you know well and are passionate about.

An average online customer doesn’t take a product recommendation unless they feel that the person recommending the product understands the ins and outs of it. So you need to define your USP (unique selling proposition) and have a creative approach that will attract customers to click links on your website. This helps create a connection and trust with the potential consumer.

Points to Keep in Mind When Selecting Your Niche

  • Know your Interest – Look for a Niche that you are interested in so it is less of an effort to learn and research about it.
  • Follow the trends existing in the market – Use Google Trends to know what is already selling and doing well in the market.
  • Check the profitability of the niche – If you find a Niche with many appeals, make sure it has high-paying offers and the potential to generate revenue.
  • Evaluate the competition – Always choose a niche with high search volume and lower competition. Investigate the competition to ascertain if you can generate revenue for yourself.
  • Find a niche with multiple products – When you have a wide array of products on offer the chances of a visitor getting interested in your offered product increases.

2. Selecting an Affiliate Program

There are generally two ways to find an affiliate program – join an affiliate network such as Amazon Associates, AliExpress, ShareASale, etc., or an affiliate program of a particular brand.

Affiliate networks are advantageous, as they help you to connect with various merchants, giving you a wide range of products to choose from. Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world, and by joining its affiliate network, you get access to millions of products.

In contrast, when you work with one particular brand, you go through its affiliate program, which may have different terms and payouts. You’ll need to seek out brands you want to work with and see if they offer affiliate programs.

For Example, if your website is in the fashion niche, you may want to become an affiliate for a clothing brand that you are familiar with.

Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting the Affiliate Program

  • Ensure the brand or business is trustworthy – Partnering with brands that offer high-quality products will help increase your chances of building a long-lasting affiliate relationship. You can conduct a quick search online, find Google reviews, and browse opinions on social media of how customers are rating the product.
  • Select a product that you have used and have an interest in – Being familiar with the product helps to have good knowledge of it and makes it easier to promote to your target audience. The better you explain the benefits of the product and answer a question about it, the more you maximize your earnings.
  • Search for programs that offer the best competitive rates – Commissions are the backbone of affiliate marketing programs. It is important to consider the affiliate commission rates when selecting the program as there are varying percentages offered by businesses. Focusing on products with a higher margin of commission will help scale your business faster.
  • Find the cookie duration terms and conditions – The cookie duration is what determines how long your association with the referred users is valid after clicking the affiliate link. If the visitor purchases before the cookie expires, you get a commission or you lose the profit. The longer the cookie duration the better is the program for you.
  • Check if the program offers a system to track sales – An efficient tracking system offered by an affiliate program helps to manage commissions, detect fraud, track your performance, and issue automated cash payouts.

3. Building an Affiliate Online Shop

Once you have selected your niche and the program you will work with, it's time to build your affiliate website. There are several ways to build a website, you can use a self-hosted website, but it requires knowledge of coding, installing a CMS (Content Management System), adding a few plugins, etc., or you can hire a professional to do it for you.

Currently, there are plenty of no-code website builders that simplify the whole process and require no professional help. For example, you can use SpreadSimple – one of the most user-friendly no-code website builders that converts your Google Sheets into an online store in a few minutes.

An Easy Way to Make Money From an Affiliate Store With Spreadsimple

If you have already added the list of your goods to Google Sheets, you can simply paste your Sheet link, and the website will be automatically generated. Alternatively, you can use one of the pre-existing templates offered by SpreadSimple, customize it, choose a theme, and fill in some data for trial purposes to get a preview of your future website. Later, you can update the Sheet with the actual product information. The amazing part of SpreadSimple is that Sheets will function as your site’s CMS, so your site gets updated automatically once you edit your Spreadsheet information. Next, you can configure the content and the way it will appear on the website by connecting the store elements with the columns in your Google Sheets.

You can also customize the design of your brand by adding a logo and image and choosing the color theme, font, and tagline of your store. Create an additional page to tell about your store and products. Finally, configure the most important part of your online store – the Shopping cart – by enabling the “Cart” option and adding the shipping rates, promo codes, and taxes if necessary. With SpreadSimple, your online store will have the following features:

  • shopping cart
  • promo codes
  • taxes
  • offers
  • shipping rates
  • filter sorting search
  • product pages
  • order notification and receipts
  • custom domain

You can also set up SEO to help your website rank search results and connect analytic tools to understand your website’s performance, and how your visitors are interacting with your page.

4. Write Valuable and Specific Content

With your website up and running, all that is left to do is write valuable content that resonates with your audience. The difference between successful and unsuccessful publishers/affiliates is high-quality specific content, as it not only gets you traffic but also conversions. For quality ideas for your website, do some keyword research to see what your audience most often looks for online. There are plenty of free keyword research tools to help you such as Google Keyword Planner. Even online forums like Quora can help give you valuable insights.

  1. Product reviews and comparison
  2. Product roundups (evaluate several products within the same category)
  3. Tutorials and how-to-use guide
  4. Reader testimonials and feedback
  5. Tools or resource pages

5. Promoting Your Content

Now that your content has been created, it is crucial to promote that valuable information to enable driving traffic and sales to your new affiliate website. There are multiple ways in which you can promote your content:

  • Sharing it on social media platforms.
  • Email outreach programs.
  • Paid advertising.
  • Blog posting and Newsletters.

However, the best ROI is achieved with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. By doing effective SEO you can increase your web page ranking on the first page of search engines like Google. This will ensure you get recurring traffic without constantly reaching out to market your content or spending money on advertising. SEO pairs perfectly with affiliate marketing because people who are searching for an answer on search engines are closer to being ready to buy than people who are just browsing social media platforms since the former is actively looking for a solution to a problem. Though SEO takes a long time and effort to master, it is a worthy skill set to invest in for your future.

6. Monitor and Set up Analytics

Once you have a good amount of content for your affiliate store, you have to generate traffic to your website by starting an email campaign, being active on social media platforms, participating in online forum discussions, and creating an SEO strategy. By generating traffic, you can boost conversions and attract potential customers.

Chances are, some things will resonate with your visitors and others will not.

Using Analytic tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager helps you to measure the most important metrics like clicks on your website, earning per click (EPC), and tracking your affiliate links.


Finally, your online store is ready. Moving forward, the most important part is to properly monitor your affiliate links to create an effective strategy for revenue generation.

Building an affiliate marketing store takes planning, dedication, and research. But like any other successful business, the most important step is to start. With patience, attention to strategy, and constant monitoring & optimizing, you will build a successful revenue stream from your store.

If you’re ready to get started with affiliate marketing, set up your website without a single line of code and manage your content right from your Google Sheet with SpreadSimple today.


Which affiliate programs are best for beginners?

Many different programs are a great fit for beginners. However, the ultimate choice can be made only after carefully studying the commission rate, cookie life, ease of use, and ROI of all the platforms. Some of the good affiliate programs to start with as a beginner are:

  1. Shopify
  2. Amazon Associates
  3. eBay Partner Network
  4. SpreadSimple
  5. Rakuten Advertising
  6. CJ Affiliate
  7. ShareASale.

What is the highest-paid affiliate program?

  1. Urikar
  2. Shopify
  3. Capitalist Exploits
  4. BlueHost
  5. Semrush

The Best ideas to use for content with your Affiliate links:

  • Product reviews and comparison
  • Product roundups (evaluate several products within the same category)
  • Tutorials and how-to-use guide
  • Reader testimonials and feedback
  • Tools or resource pages

What are the pros of affiliate programs?

There are many advantages of affiliate programs, but here are some of the top ones:

  • Creates an additional revenue stream for your business.
  • Easy to track
  • High ROI
  • Creates social proof
  • Helps concentrate your efforts on specific products
  • You gain brand ambassadors.

What to consider when building your affiliate shop?

Steps to Create an Affiliate Store:

1. Defining a Niche

2. Selecting an Affiliate Program

3. Building an Online Shop

4. Writing Valuable and Specific Content

5. Promoting Your Content

6. Monitor and set up Analytics.

What is an example of an affiliate program?

Whether you are a small business looking to make some passive income or you are planning to launch your affiliate program, take a look at the following examples of an affiliate program:

  • BigCommerce – a leading Open SaaS e-commerce platform.
  • Fiverr – a freelance marketplace for digital services.
  • BlueHost – a web hosting platform supporting over two million websites.
  • LeadPages – an online tool for building landing pages.
  • eBay Partner Network – an online marketplace with a wide range of product categories.

What is an affiliate marketing network?

Affiliate marketing networks are like middlemen between publishers (or affiliates) and advertisers (brands). Using affiliate marketing networks, brands with affiliate programs can discover suitable publishers and hire them to promote their products and help drive sales.

The Amazon affiliate program, Amazon Associates (46.15%), is currently the largest market share holder of affiliate networks, followed by CJ Affiliate (8.13%)., formerly Commission Junction, and Rakuten Affiliate Network (7.85%).



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