February Updates

News Mar 13, 2024

We are excited to announce that our Image Uploader Extension is now officially live in the Chrome Web Store!

And there are a few other updates that we would like to share about. Let's dive in!

Image Uploader Extension

We created this extension to simplify uploading images and adding their links into a Google Sheet.

SpreadSimple Image uploader

Install it in your browser and instantly upload image files from your desktop. The image links will be automatically copied to the clipboard, allowing you to paste the image links directly into your Google Sheet.
Upload, paste, repeat.

The best part is that the new version of the extension is available for everyone and doesn’t require a Pro account anymore.

New Template: Grocery Store

A new template for a grocery store is now available in your workspace.

Grocery Store website home page

A new template for a grocery store is now available in your workspace. The template showcases an example of a map with delivery zones embedded in the order form. Also, the order form offers several shipping fees that vary depending on the delivery zone.
This template will be a perfect starting point for those who want to build a local grocery storefront or online delivery website fast and keep the content garden-fresh.

Google Fonts support

Take another step towards customizing your design by selecting the Google fonts for your website right in your Design tab in a few clicks (goodbye, good old custom CSS code!)

The fonts are paired so you can select different fonts for headings and body text. Mix different fonts to find a perfect combination for your website.

Please note, at the moment the fonts are not GDPR compliant, but we are planning to make the fonts GDPR compliant in one of our future releases.

New Add-on: Calendly

Calendly is a scheduling automation platform used to book and schedule meetings, appointments, and events for individuals and organizations.

Now you can integrate Calendly with your website using our add-on. Map your Calendly links to the action buttons on cards and details pages, or add a floating button to your home page. After clicking on a button, a visitor will see a Calendly pop-up and will be able to schedule a call or a meeting without leaving the page.

Other improvements

Lazy load images: Now, all images on the website are loaded only upon query (when they are about to come into view). It allows us to improve the initial loading time of the page.

Header Logo can open an external link: By default, the logo and header tagline used to work as a home button and redirected to the home page. Now, you can set them to open any external link. It can be useful for those who build subpages of their existing websites and would like to redirect users back to the main page.

RSS and Sitemap improvements: for websites with a big number of rows in the Sheet.

Coming Next

  • New design options
  • UX improvements
  • GDPR compliance for Google Fonts
  • New templates

Hope you will enjoy these updates.

There will be more!

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